Strategy development

Guided by a 5-step process — immersion, research, concepting, feedback & refinement, and final design — our research-based and insight-rich strategic advice gives clients the confidence to develop a clear direction for their work. Our strategic plans are informed by needs assessments, stakeholder enagements, and peer analyses. And they take into account a variety of contextual considerations such as community need, enterprise priorities, and political considerations.  


Program design

After a strategic planning process, we work with clients on developing programs that help a strategy take hold. This might mean a refinement of a company’s giving pillars, development of a signature philanthropic initiative, establishment of a collective impact community intervention, adoption of an earned income program, creation of communications plan, formal embrace of a diverse CSR platform including environment sustainability, ethics & governance, community investment, diversity and inclusion, etc.  



Before embarking on a major initiative, client’s often need help understanding the landscape, the key considerations, the challenges, best practices, significant actors in a particular field or discipline. They may want to understand what are current community needs, views of critical stakeholders, what their competitors are doing or what is considered best practice. Research that answers these questions is our bread and butter, and we can do it across a range of disciplines - public health, education, food security, international development, among many others.



Crafting and conveying a compelling message is one thing. Changing the debate is another. We work with organizations and individuals that seek to fundamentally change the way target audiences think about certain issues. Our work has ranged from managing high-profile media campaigns to adding sophistication and impact to the way an organization communicates its priorities.  As trusted counselors to high-level executives and government officials, our public affairs advice is research-based, experience-driven, and direct.  Public-private partnerships are our specialty – and they are changing the landscape of public policy, especially as governments tighten their belts.



Social sector clients — whether funders or NGOs leading projects — increasingly want to measure their impact. ASG designs and leads evaluation efforts for clients looking to understand what social impacts their project are having. What makes our evaluation practice unique is we develop impact assessments that have both academic rigor and provide user-friendly, actionable insights. With experience in nonprofit management, public policy, issues advocacy, reputation management, we often take a holistic view of a program’s impacts — social, financial, reputational.


Formative evaluation to inform and to enhance activities ongoing

Summative evaluations to recap and to evolve activities

“Mixed methods” that blend quantitative and qualitative data analyses


Focus groups




RESEARCH analysis

Literature reviews

Historic and currentindustry trends and practices 

SWOT analysis

Strengths and challenges

Immediate and future implications

Team approach




Evidence-based findings

Data-rich narratives

Case studies

Logic models

Theories of change

Organizational tools


Metrics capture

Planning protocols

Multimedia presentations

Technical assistance